Evers Proclaims “Rise Up for LGBTQ Kids” Day

Evers Proclaims “Rise Up for LGBTQ Kids” Day

Gov. Evers proclaims Oct. 17th as the day.

Earlier this week governor Evers issued a proclamation that designated Tuesday, October 17 as rise up for LGBTQ kids day. This proclamation asserts that there has been a “troubling increase in anti-LGBTQ legislation introduced in Wisconsin.” This sentiment references the protect women’s sports bills and the help not harm bill that have recently been moving through the state legislature. The proclamation then says these bills “harm kids’ mental health, embolden hate and violence, and threaten the safety and dignity of LGBTQ people.“

This proclamation was times to be released the day the state senate was voting on the help not harm bill that protects minors struggling with gender confusion from having medical providers perform irreversible surgeries or prescribe potent cross sex hormones or puberty blockers. The proclamation is predicated on false information that furthers confusion and promotes dangerous decisions for vulnerable youth.

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