Drop in Bible Reading

Drop in Bible Reading

Last week the American Bible Society released the results of its State of the Bible twenty twenty-two survey. The big news is that we had an unprecedented drop in Bible reading among Americans over the last year, going from fifty percent to thirty-nine percent. Bible users are those using the Bible at least three to four times each year on their own outside of a church setting. For Americans who use the Bible, at least seventy-three percent were introduced to it as children. Of those who don’t use the Bible, fifty-five percent come from homes with little or no Bible engagement.

On the whole these results are sobering since the Bible is God’s Word to mankind, giving us the Gospel, direction, wisdom and more. But a positive take-away is that when children are exposed to the Bible, they are likely to grow up to be Bible users. This should encourage parents to regularly read the Bible to and with their children.

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