Decrease in Abortions

Decrease in Abortions

Last week, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services released Reported Induced Abortions in Wisconsin 2020, an annual publication of Wisconsin abortion data. Since last reported, abortions performed in Wisconsin decreased by one point two percent from six thousand five hundred eleven to six thousand four hundred thirty, which means eighty-one fewer babies were killed than in twenty nineteen. Eighty-eight percent of the abortions that did happen were obtained by unmarried women.

We are always pleased when the number of abortions goes down—even when that number is small, because all life is precious. We think it’s important to point out that the vast majority of abortions are done on unmarried women. Marriage is good for babies! We continue to work and pray for the end of legalized abortion and for a return to a culture that values both marriage and babies.

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