Damage of Divorce on Children

Damage of Divorce on Children

Damage of Divorce on Children

A Lifesite news blog recently featured a study released last month by Demographic Research. The study highlights how damaging divorce is for children. According to the study, which included data from seventeen different countries, divorce has a “larger impact than parental death” when it comes to the educational attainment of children. No-fault divorce laws that states have passed since the late nineteen seventies have made divorce easy to obtain, which means more children are devastated every year by broken marriages.

No-fault divorce is all about adult desires. Too many married adults with minor children have bought the lie that their kids want their parents to be happy. Kids aren’t thinking about nor are they responsible for their parents’ happiness. They are rightly concerned about their security. Couples with minor children need to work hard at staying together, if for no other reason than for their children.


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