Court of Appeals Rules Against Biden’s Emergency Abortion

Court of Appeals Rules Against Biden’s Emergency Abortion

His attempt to use a 1986 act for abortion halted.

Doctors cannot be forced to commit abortions under a law meant to ensure poor people and pregnant women receive medical care, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled earlier this week. Lifesite news reports that the three-judge panel ruled against President Biden’s attempt to use the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of nineteen eighty-six to force states with abortion restrictions to allow the killing of preborn babies for so-called “emergency” reasons.

The Biden administration has a track record of reinterpreting laws to advance their agenda. We’ve seen them do this with Title nine by saying sex includes gender identity and then giving gender-confused individuals special rights and protections, and now this to advance abortion. Fortunately, some courts are maintaining the rule of law and denying them their reinterpretations.

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