Corporations and the Culture War

Corporations and the Culture War

Corporations and the Culture War

Lifesite news reports that the major oil and gas corporation, Exxon Mobil, earlier this week released new company rules banning the flying of political flags, including Black Lives Matter, transgender, and LGBTQ+ flags, outside company offices. Some say this move is in reaction to the Florida legislature recently passing  legislation to strip Walt Disney World of its self-governing status after Disney’s public stance opposing legislation designed to protect children from being taught about transgenderism and gender identity in early grades.

This move by Exxon to stop allowing visible support for these groups is encouraging. Conservatives have long said the appropriate position for corporations is to stay out of these so-called “culture wars,” but most large businesses haven’t had the courage to do so; they’ve yielded to liberal bullying. Hopefully other companies will follow Exxon’s example.

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