“Christian Nationalism”

“Christian Nationalism”

What is Christian Nationalism and is it bad?

The term “Christian nationalism” is being bandied about today by both Christians and non-Christians. While there is absolutely no agreement on what the term even means, mainstream media has done its best to make sure as many people as possible think that whatever it means it’s dangerous. That’s especially true as we head into the final days before the midterm election on Tuesday, November eight. Essentially the idea is to scare Christians from talking publicly about their values and beliefs and to try to keep Christian candidates from winning.

In order to advance their agenda, liberal progressives have to remove obstacles—and Christians represent a major obstacle to what they want to do in our state and country. The answer is not for Christians to go silent; that’s not just giving in to the intimidation and bullying, it’s not good for anyone. We need to continue to speak the truth boldly but also with grace.

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