Christian Baker Back In Court

Christian Baker Back In Court

Christian baker, Jack Phillips, is back in court.

Christian baker Jack Phillips was back in court last week defending his right not to create cakes that affirm LGBT ideology, more than 4 years after the U.S. Supreme Court declined an opportunity to conclusively settle the matter. In 2018, Autumn Scardina filed a complaint against Phillips for declining to bake a cake that would be pink on the inside and blue on the outside to celebrate his “transition” from male to female. The state of Colorado claims Phillips had denied Scardina “equal enjoyment of a place of public accommodation.”

In Jack’s first case, the US Supreme Court pretty much took a pass on dealing with the heart of the issue case: Does the Constitution protect freedom of speech and the freedom not to speak, as well as religious freedom, or does the LGBTQ agenda trump those rights? The high court has a case this session similar to Jack’s, giving them another opportunity to get this issue right.

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