California Bill Impacts Your Children

California Bill Impacts Your Children

California bill impacts your Wisconsin children.

California Democrat governor Gavin Newsom last week signed a radical bill that poses serious threats to parental rights and children’s safety even in Wisconsin. The bill allows California courts to remove custody from parents who are opposed to their young children undergoing irreversible transgender procedures. It would allow Wisconsin children to be essentially “kidnapped” by the state of California so that these minors can undergo so-called gender transition surgeries or be prescribed powerful hormone treatments.

This move by this outlandish governor pushes the transgender craze to a whole new level. Of course, there are many legal questions about the ability of California to actually do what the new law purports, but it should certainly be a wake-up call for parents in our state and across the country. There are people who truly want to come after your children. Forewarned is forearmed.

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