Anger-Fueled Abortion Advocates

Anger-Fueled Abortion Advocates

Prolife citizens need to share their message.

The cover of a recent edition of the very influential publication, The Economist, proclaimed, “Meet America’s Most Dynamic Political Movement,” which is, per the actual article, abortion. The article notes that one of the effects of the overturning of Roe v. Wade was that, quote, “people infuriated by the decision have channeled their anger into political action.”  According to The Economist, as many as sixteen states could have a referendum on their statewide ballot this fall, making abortion a direct part of the upcoming elections.

Anger converted into political action can be extremely effective. Prolife citizens especially in targeted states like Wisconsin need to know this and be very intentional about sharing a pro-life message with people in their sphere of influence. Too many today believe taking the life of a pre-born baby is a right. That notion must be effectively challenged.

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