Abortion Pill Reversal Course Funded

Abortion Pill Reversal Course Funded

$100,000 grant to fund pro-life education.

Heritage Foundation has awarded American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists one hundred thousand dollars as one of its annual Heritage Innovation Prizes. The grant will fund an online course about abortion pill reversal to be offered to medical professionals and hospital systems. Abortion pill reversal taken after the first drug in the two-step RU four eighty-six chemical abortion process, can prevent the loss of the unborn baby. To date, over forty-five hundred babies have been born alive after their mothers underwent this treatment.

In spite of efforts by many prolife citizens and organizations, too few women and too few medical professionals know the truth about abortion pill reversal. This grant will help get reliable information out about this life-saving option. We’ve tried to get information on the abortion pill reversal added to the state’s women’s right to know law, but Governor Evers vetoed it.

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