A Private Home Abortion Clinic

A Private Home Abortion Clinic

Citizens take action against home abortion clinic

Last month, a private practice opened in a single-family home in Rockford, Illinois, with the sole purpose of distributing chemical abortions and referring for surgical abortions. According to four residents, the neighborhood has been “substantially and negatively impacted” by the center and have taken legal action to close the facility.  The case hinges on various city and zoning ordinances, including one that makes clear that a medical clinic is not allowed as a home business.

Abortionist Dennis Christenson started this center in Rockford after the facility where he worked in Milwaukee went out of business when Wisconsin’s abortion ban went into  effect after the overturning of Roe. Pro-abortion activists are doing their best to lure Wisconsin women to Illinois for abortions. One less abortion facility near the border would save lives.


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