4,000 Babies Saved

Babies saved with the abortion pill reversal.

Pregnancy Help News reports that since 2012 statistics show that a record 4,000 unborn babies’ lives have been saved with the abortion pill reversal protocol. The Abortion Pill Rescue Network and its more than 1,200 medical professionals are committed to providing real health care to those women who have changed their minds after starting a chemical abortion. For more than a decade the abortion pill reversal protocol has been available to women who have experienced regret in their decision to abort their child.

Saving the lives of these babies is huge, of course, but this is also about making sure women have all the information they need when they are considering abortion—including information about the risks of RU-486 and about this abortion pill reversal. Our state legislature passed a bill twice that would have ensured women got that information, but Governor Evers vetoed it both times.

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