23 Couples Inducted into the Marriage Hall of Fame

23 Couples Inducted into the Marriage Hall of Fame

The longest married couple has been married 75 yrs

Last week, Wisconsin Family Council inducted 23 couples into its Marriage Hall of Fame. This year’s longest married couple is Richard and Beverly Grosskreutz of Whitewater who have been married 75 years. Four other inducted couples have been married 70 or more years. Pictures of all inductees and their stories along with their marriage advice are posted on wifamilycouncil.org.

These couples are a great testimony to the truth that marriages can last a lifetime. No doubt each couple has faced both adversity and blessings in their marriage, and through it all, their commitment to each other and their vows prevailed. We love honoring couples who exemplify marriages that build families that form a strong foundation for our communities, state, and nation.

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