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Richard Dawkins Affirms Biological Sex
Richard Dawkins Affirms Biological Sex
Home Front 03-22-2023
WI current events from a Christian perspective
The "Father of the Constitution"
James Madison was born on this day...
Endorsements Matter
2023 | Week of March 13 | Radio Transcript #1507 It’s being called the biggest election of 2023. It’s already the most expensive race of its kind in the nation’s
More Than the Supreme Court This Election
Vaccine Mandate for School Children Suspended
Teaching Children Wise Money Habits
Yesterday’s Minute was about the state’s budget. Keeping on the idea of money but on a different level, today we look at kids and money. In that regard, Crown Financial
3-3-23 Connection
Wisconsin’s Marriage Hall of Fame…have you heard about it? I hope so. It’s an exciting project of Wisconsin Family Council as a part of our mission of strengthening, preserving, and
HomeFront 3-8-23
2023 | Wednesday, March 8 On today’s program, Julaine spends the bulk of the time talking about what it means to honor God with our vote and relates it specifically
WI Proposed Budget Priorities
All budgets, including the state’s budget, are about priorities. The governor has laid out his priorities in his version of Wisconsin’s two-year budget. Now the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee will
Proposed WI Bill Changes Electoral Votes
Those in the Wisconsin legislature seeking to gut the ingenuous Electoral College our founders gave us are at it again. Democrat Senators Kelda Roys and Bob Wirch and Democrat Representative
SD Rep's Tweet Receives Backlash
Earlier this week South Dakota State Rep. Erin Healy tweeted, “Extremist group Family Heritage Alliance said this morning that the safest place for kids are in families that have a
Social Constructs...Truth or Fiction?
2018 | Week of July 9 | Listen Online (Re-airing program from Week of January 29, 2018)
When Legislative Majorities Don't Matter
2018 | Week of January 22 | Listen Online  
Celebrating School Choice
2018 | Week of January 15 | Listen Online  
Home Front 01-10-2018
2018 | Wednesday, January 10 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine gives important information about a couple of “anti-discrimination” ordinances being proposed for Brown County and discusses how such
Abortion Realities
2018 | Week of January 8 | Listen Online
Little Platoons; Big Difference
2018| Week of January 1 | Listen Online
Resolved: Make Your Family Great
2017 | Week of December 25 | Listen Online  
The TRUTH of Christmas
2017 | Week of December 18 | Listen Online
Home Front 12-13-2017
2017 | Wednesday, December 13 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine discusses some ideas to help families keep Christ the focus of Christmas, especially for the next generation. She
Chris Abele & Voter Beware
2017 | Week of December 11 | Listen Online
The US Supreme Court, a Cake Artist & Religious Freedom
2017 | Week of December 4 | Listen Online
Home Front 11-29-2017
2017 | Wednesday, November 29 | Listen Online Today Julaine addresses the sexual misconduct maelstrom and how families might think about talking about this with their children. She also gives
Beware Digital Distraction
2017 | Week of November 27 | Listen Online
It's Not About Turkeys
2017 | Week of November 20 | Listen Online
Home Front 11-15-2017
2017 | Wednesday, November 15 | Listen Online Julaine gives an overview of the history of Thanksgiving in America, along with updates on bills related to marriage, family, life and
Adoption: Enriching Families
2017 | Week of November 13 | Listen Online  
Home Front 11-08-17
2017  | Wednesday, November 08 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine focuses on the outcome of the vote on the “anti-discrimination” policy in De Pere and a number of
Forewarning Wisconsin
2017 | Week of November 6 | Listen Online
Home Front 11-01-2017
2017 | Wednesday, November 1 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine reviews some important pending state legislation and also alerts people to the proposed SOGI ordinance in De Pere.
An Incredible Opportunity for Wisconsin
2017 | Week of October 30, 2017 | Listen Online

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