National Marriage Week is Feb. 7-14: What YOU Can Do

National Marriage Week is Feb. 7-14: What YOU Can Do


National Marriage Week RINGS

Three Easy Ways to Help Marriages in Your Community

National Marriage Week USA is just DAYS away!  February 7-14, is a time to elevate and promote the benefits of marriage. Here are some ideas:

1) Launch a marriage class in your home, your church, or local library/community center. It’s NOT too late….just use the week to make plans for later!

2) Form a committee to meet during National Marriage Week USA and plan activities for coming months.

3) Ask your pastor to preach about marriage on the Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day. Use this 1-page Fact Sheet below as a bulletin insert.

Follow this link to get a FREE one-page printable fact sheet:

Tips for a Great Date Night this Valentine’s Day!

Regular Date Nights with your spouse are proven to improve the quality of your marriage!

Plan to go out to dinner, or do something fun-just the two of you- bowling, a museum, a local theatrical production. Keep the conversation positive and productive with these quick tips:

  1. Celebrate and Have Fun!
    Tell your partner about one thing that first attracted you to him/her.
  2. Be Vulnerable and Be Grateful
    Take turns sharing this sentence: “When I see the person you are, I am really grateful for your unique character qualities. I am especially grateful for your _____________ , and I see that quality in you when _________________________.” (Affirm qualities such as diligence, understanding, dependability, generosity, compassion, supportiveness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, caring heart, respectfulness, attentiveness, or encouraging spirit. Granted, your spouse will have weaknesses, but now is not the time to focus on those. Focus on affirming a strength or two.)
  3. Celebrate Imperfections and Express Thanks
    Take turns sharing this sentence: “I know that I can sometimes be _____________, but thank you for remembering today, that deep down, I really am a _____________ person. I love you.” (Your weaknesses might include being impatient, irritable, insensitive, preoccupied, oblivious, sloppy, compulsive, forgetful, etc. BUT this is not the time to remind your spouse of his/her imperfections. Agree not to brow beat the other person if they admit their weaknesses….but rather thank them for sharing, and thank them for their strengths.)

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