Moms: So Much More than “Just a Housewife”

Moms: So Much More than “Just a Housewife”

2019 | Week of May 6 | #1307

A Family Circus comic strip back a number of years ago pictured a Census employee interviewing the mom surrounded by her four children. He’s filling out the form for her and answers his own question as to her occupation with, “just a housewife.”

The mom is frowning, and we see her thoughts as she fills in the job description for “just a housewife:” teacher, cook, gardener, nurse, veterinarian, accountant, news commentator, seamstress, laundress, referee… And we know we could add a dozen more jobs to that list, such as chauffeur, child psychologist and coach.

Aren’t moms amazing? A mom is a true jack-of-all-trades. Even in the modern world, with the convenience that technology lends to running a household, moms need a wide variety of skills and interests in order to rear their children.

Mom is a truly irreplaceable entity in the family unit. We’ve always known that, but we now have the social science data to back it up in the face of the redefinition of the family in today’s culture. Children who do not live with their married, biological mother and father are, on average, at a higher risk for child abuse, behavioral and developmental problems and substance abuse, just to name a few of the pathologies.  And we’re talking about two times higher risk and more for each of these.

That’s the gold standard, if you will, for families; a married mother and father together rearing their biological children.  Sadly, because of an epidemic of divorce, cohabitation, the redefinition of marriage and the breakdown of the family, more and more children are missing out on their birthright of a married mother and father. That is a tragedy.

Despite what modern psychologists would often have us believe, love alone is not enough to rear a child. Parenting takes the shared skills, resources, sacrifice, perseverance, dedication, vision and commitment of a married mother and father.

It’s impossible to over emphasize the significance of your role, moms, in your child’s life. I was reminded of that at a baby-shower where a mother of 8 children shared some very wise advice with the young, first-time mother being honored. I think her excellent advice highlights a mom’s significance and influence in her child’s life.

The long-time mother used an acrostic for “LEARN” to make her points.

L, she said, is for looking, being observant.  Learn about your child or children. You know them better than anyone else and care for them as only a mother can. Your observations are well informed and what you learn about your child will help you understand him/her better and enable you to discipline and train them more effectively.

E is for exegete. Now that’s not a very common word, but it means to critically analyze…your child, your parenting, and the dynamics of your family and then apply your analysis with experiments that creatively reach your goals for your children. It may mean trying various ways to motivate and teach your child new skills or disciplines.  Your careful analysis and experiments will help you hone in on the learning and teaching styles that best motivate and instruct your child.

A is for acknowledge authority. Mom, your authority is God, and He holds you responsible for the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual nurturing of your children while they are in your care. You do your children an invaluable service by teaching them the concept of authority and their responsibility to God and fellow human beings. Your example of acknowledging the authorities in your life speaks volumes to your children.

R is for reading widely and responsibly. Again, you set the example for your children. Read together; instill a love for learning and reading in your children.

N is for no disobedience. Start training your children to obey at a young age with appropriate and consistent discipline. We do our children a great disfavor if we fail to teach them to observe instruction or protect them from experiencing the consequences of their wrong behavior.

Moms, your intentional parenting is crucial to your child’s future. And it’s a role that only you can play. We are so grateful to all of you mothers—grateful for your sacrifice, dedication and service as you raise the next generation of Americans and the heirs of the Body of Christ. We appreciate you and honor you this Mothers’ Day!

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This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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