LEAD WI Spring Gathering

Have you been missing your LEAD Wisconsin friends? During this hands-on election simulation, you will be a candidate, campaign manager or media director. Your team will work together for ultimate victory – getting your candidate elected! During the campaign briefings throughout the day, you will be thrown twists and turns. You’ll want to immediately apply these in your campaign planning sessions.

The event gives you the ability to try your hand at campaign roles that otherwise might elude you if you were to jump into your first campaign at the ground level. Through collaboration and hard work, your team has to put together a campaign plan to figure out how to raise money, message, and earn votes. To cap off the day, teams face-off against each other in front of a group of judges, which adds to the pressure and the feedback that you can apply in real world campaign scenarios.

Don’t fret – Just like at LEAD Wisconsin, you’ll be guided through the whole experience. Bring all your friends! You’ll have loads of fun!

*Lunch will be provided. We are not charging for this event. It will cost about $12 per person to put this on, so if you would like to give a donation here. There will also be an option for cash donations in person.

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