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Pro-Lifers Support FDA's Proposal on Human Subject Research
FDA proposed oversight changes to human research.
Oklahoma Pro-life Legislation
Oklahoma Pro-life Legislation
Overturn Roe versus Wade
Overturn Roe versus Wade
Texas Heartbeat Law
Texas Heartbeat Law
Education, WI legislation, & Evers' handout to PP
Education, WI legislation, & Evers' handout to PP.
Young Americans are supporting efforts to ban abortions
Recent polls state that most young adults support efforts to ban abortions after a babies heart beat can be detected.
Introducing Wisconsin Version Of The Heartbeat Bill
Also a new series of WFC's community events
Why the National Sanctity of Human Life Day Gets 2 Days in 2022
On January 13, 1984, then-President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation for the first National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. He concluded his official statement with these words: “I, Ronald Reagan, President

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