Keeping the Proper Perspective

Keeping the Proper Perspective

2016 | Week of October 10 | #1172

November 8, Election Day 2016, will soon be here—and then gone.  But the impact of this election will be with us for a long time in the form of laws and policies formulated and foisted on us by those we elect and in the decisions/opinions of federal judges who are, appointed and then confirmed to life-time positions in our federal court system.  Many, if not most of those laws, policies, decisions/opinions will deal with issues related to marriage, family, life and religious freedom.

So, yes, this election is important. And, yes, this election is unlike any most of us have ever seen. But we should also keep this election in the proper perspective, as hard as that may be as the rhetoric heats up from the candidates, the parties and organizations. Some thoughts to help us keep the proper perspective.

First, God is in control. Is that settled, really settled in your heart and mind? That doesn’t mean we checkout of the election or our government, but it does mean after we have voted knowledgeably, responsibly and prayerfully and even encouraged others to also vote, we leave the results to Him, Who is working His plan to perfection.  We should not be among the hand-wringers, sleepless-night, angry folks who seem to be so very plentiful in this election cycle.

Second, politics is not the answer to the ills of our communities, state or nation. The problems have their root in the depravity of man—our natural bent towards evil outside of the redeeming, forgiving grace of God through His Son Jesus Christ. Our communities, state and nation need much more than better candidates and more true Christians voting. We need revival. We need individuals coming to faith in Christ, followed by their families—which will result in entire communities being changed. When these kinds of change happen, we will have good people running for office and good policies enacted by these folks.

Third, God willing, America will be here long after November 8, 2016—and so will we. Regardless of the outcome of the state and national elections this year, we as Christians are still to be salt and light everywhere at all times. We are to dispel darkness; and our “salt” is to be flavorful, preserving and even convicting.   Our prayer-hearing, prayer-answering God will still be on His throne as the Supreme Judge of the Universe after November 8. We will still be called to be on our knees interceding for others and for our nation. We’ll still be sharing God’s love and forgiveness with everyone, everywhere we go. We are here for such a time as this—whatever America may look like post November 8.

I want to reiterate that nothing I’ve said should be interpreted as license to sit out this election. To the contrary; as people with dual citizenship—both heavenly and earthly—we must exercise our responsibility to vote, knowledgeably, responsibly and prayerfully. What I’ve just laid out are some overriding truths we need to remember to keep a proper perspective.

Each day seems to bring new drama as it relates to the presidential election, often making it harder for people to make a final decision. But that decision-making must be done, even when we may not be enamored with the choices. It is also important to remember that there’s much more on our ballots than the presidential race.  In Wisconsin we have a US Senate race, all 8 of our members of the US House, all 99 state assembly seats, and half of our state senate, along with some county races and some local referenda on our ballots.  These elections are extremely important.

I urge you to get informed about the candidates and the issues—all the candidates and issues—not just for the presidential race by visiting or other online voter guides so you can become truly knowledgeable and can thereby vote responsibly.

Certainly this is a time when we must also be very prayerful about our vote, asking God for His wisdom and His mind when it comes to being a good steward of the one vote we each have. However, after making sure we are knowledgeable, responsible and prayerful, then we must go back to those guiding principles: God is totally and completely in control. Politics, especially partisan politics, is not the answer to the ills of our society and by God’s grace both America and we will still be here after November 8. May God grant us wisdom and grace in this unprecedented time.

For Wisconsin Family Council, this is Julaine Appling reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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