A Huddle-Up with Our Heroes

A Huddle-Up with Our Heroes

Heroes loom large in our lives. Remember your childhood heroes? Maybe it was a comic book character such as Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman, or a lawman like the Lone Ranger, Texas Ranger, or Jack Ryan, or novel characters such as Nancy Drew. Maybe it was a sports figure like Hank Aaron, Michael Jordan, Reggie White, or Lindsey Vonn. Perhaps it was (and still is!) biblical figures such as David, Esther, Paul, or Ruth. Maybe (and hopefully!) it was your dad and mom, a youth pastor, or a camp counselor.

Well, you are our hero! Your partnership with us as you give financially and as you pray for this work and ministry is absolutely inspirational and aspirational. When we talk about making a difference, it’s you that makes the difference. Without you, we do nothing to change our world. With you, we really do make a difference. But please know, you are the real change agent! You are the hero of the story of WFC and WFA! You are our hero!

We'd like  to invite you, our hero, to join us once a month for the next several months for an online, interactive event designed with you in mind.We'll give some “inside the huddle” information on what is happening in Madison and around the state legislatively, politically, and culturally so that you, as our front-line partners, are informed and equipped on these critical issues.We’ll have one or two of our program directors give you brief reports on things such as LEAD WI, our teen worldview/leadership camp, our Church Ambassador Network, our specific legislative efforts, or some other current initiative.We’ll also have time for questions from you. A number of people have asked when we will resume our community events— those times we come to your backyard in person. Our plan is to start those up again in early spring next year. But in the meantime, we want to do something to stay in touch with you in a more direct and personal way than email, text, etc.

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