Prepare Yourself

How to be Prepared for the Next Election:

    1. Mark your calendar with the Election Date
    2. Check your voter registration status click here
    3. Register to vote click here
    4. Confirm the location of your polling place click here
    5. Review Voter Identification requirements click here
    6. Research candidates. NEW! Access your personalized Voter Information Publication for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Race HERE.
    7. Know the party platforms. Click HERE to see the most recent party platform comparison to help you decide how to best vote your values. NOTE: 2016 is the most recent party platform for both parties. Party platforms are considered and revised every 4 years—at the party’s convention during presidential election year. The next platform opportunity will be 2020.
    8. Review a sample ballot click here
    9. Request an absentee ballot (military and permenant overseas voters only) click here


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