A statewide general race for the highest appellate court in the state of Wisconsin will be held on Tuesday, April 7. The two candidates vying for the position of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice on the primary ballot are Dan Kelly and Jill Karofsky. Wisconsin Family Council is in the process of preparing a Voter Information Publication that compares the candidates so you may simply compare them and make your decision before entering your polling place. The Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice position is a ten-year seat. Don’t sit this election out!

CLICK HERE for your free downloadable WI Supreme Court Justice Voter Information Publication. Photocopy and share with friends, family and neighbors. This guide is c3 friendly and suitable for distribution in churches, as well.

There are many other races across The Badger State such as town supervisors, city council members, alderman, school board and more. To learn what else is on your ballot besides the statewide Supreme Court Justice race, click HERE.