Double Your Investment UP TO $50,000!

Double Your Investment UP TO $50,000!

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It has been a busy year for Wisconsin Family Council, as we have been doing more outreach and educational work on marriage, family, life and liberty than we ever have before. But we are committed to making an even greater impact in 2016, and are thankful to have generous partners who are also interested in making a difference.

To close out 2015, a generous longtime supporter of our organization has given a challenge we hope you will help us meet. Last year this person had helped us meet an end-of-year $12,500 matching opportunity and said they were so impressed with what the organization had been able to accomplish with the funds in 2015 that they wanted to help us double that amount this year!

INVEST TODAYThat’s right, this generous WFC supporter came to us with an offer to provide up to $25,000 as matching funds to help support WFC’s ongoing outreach and educational work in Wisconsin’s Christian community. So, for every tax-deductible dollar that you invet in WFC through December 31st, another dollar will automatically be contributed to match it! In total, this could generate up to $50,000 for  WFC!

We know this is a big challenge, but we hope that, like this generous partner, you also see the value of the work that WFC is doing here in our great state in partnership with and on behalf of you and your family.

Help us meet this matching challenge by investing today. Click HERE to donate on-line, or click HERE for our mailing address to send your contribution by mail. You may also call our office toll free at 1-888-378-7395 to make your investment.

Wisconsin Family Council’s Work is ALL ABOUT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR FUTURE!




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