Did Love Win or Did America Lose?

Did Love Win or Did America Lose?

2015 | Week of June 29 – #1104

“Love won!” That’s what I heard and saw people exclaiming this past Friday when they learned that the US Supreme Court had determined that every state in the Union must now legalize marriage between two persons of the same sex and thereby be part of the dismantling of society’s foundational institution. In fact, I read “Love won” on the President’s twitter feed.

I disagree with wholeheartedly with that meme. Love didn’t win this past Friday. Satan won. Love won at the cross and on the following Sunday when Christ died and rose again, but love most certainly did not win at the Court last Friday.

Love didn’t win and neither did the Constitution or the rule of law.  The Constitution was again distorted and contorted and the rule of law brazenly trampled in order to advance a social agenda.  As Chief Justice Roberts wrote in his dissenting opinion, those who think they won could celebrate lots of things last week, but not the Constitution because, as he said, the Constitution “had nothing to do with it.”

Instead of lamenting a grievously wrong-headed US Supreme Court decision on marriage this week, I should be writing high-flying words about America and about her founding as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday this coming Saturday.  I am struck to the core by the contrast.

Two hundred and thirty-nine years ago, 56 colonists gathered in Independence Hall in hot Philadelphia to determine our nation’s destiny. From their perspective, they had done everything they could to get England to recognize them and to respect their rights as subjects of the Crown. England and its King repeatedly refused to do so. As the abuses grew, the patience of the leaders of the colonies waned.

You know the story—or at least I hope you do. Thomas Jefferson had been commissioned to write a document declaring the colonies’ independence from England. After several drafts, the men settled on a final version—and one by one they came up and signed the Declaration of Independence, pledging to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

Writings of the founders tell us that they were taking this step not just for themselves but for their posterity—which includes us. They wanted a country where “we the people” governed, not where a single king and a complicit parliament ruled.

Personally, I think the vast majority of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence would be absolutely appalled by what has happened in this country and would likely be grieving at what they see. I don’t think they’d be waving rainbow flags and cheering the rainbow lighting of the White House celebrating a court decision that legally makes marriage in this country something it has never before been and was never intended to be.

I wonder what these men would think of shop owners being told they can’t exercise their religious freedom in the market place? Frankly, I think on many fronts they would be very disappointed in what future generations have done to and with the independence they fought so hard to secure.

I wonder if those men who made that pledge would regret all that they did to secure freedom for their posterity.  I wonder if they would join us in parades and fireworks this Saturday in celebration of the birth of this nation, pleased at what we’ve become and excited about the country’s future.

So how do we look at this July 4th?  Do we celebrate with abandon, or are we a bit more contemplative this year? May I suggest that you take advantage of this holiday to discuss with your friends and family what the founders envisioned for this nation in light of where we are right now?

Use this as a teachable moment to inspire and instruct both young and old about what it means to be an American, about the price that has been repeatedly paid to secure our liberty, and about living lives of honor. Talk about our freedom of religion and how important it is. Talk about marriage—God’s plan for marriage—

and how beautiful and healthy it is and how very good it is for our state and our country. Talk about God’s blessings on America.

I don’t think the signers of the Declaration of Independence would agree that love won last Friday. I think they would think America lost. This July 4th let’s be part of making America something they would be proud of again.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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