The Perfect Mom

The Perfect Mom

Are you the perfect mother? Did you have a mom who was the perfect mother? Actually, these really aren’t fair questions because in a fallen world there is no such thing as a perfect mother. The good news is, no woman is expected to be the perfect mom. For those who are moms or who expect or hope one day to be a mom, the good news is you can be a good mom—even an outstanding mom—without being perfect.

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Dads Matter

Fathers play a pivotal role in families. Their leadership—or lack of it—impacts their family and society for generations. Dads matter. Scripture and secular research support this. However, we don’t really need the research. We can see with our own eyes the devastating impact that fatherlessness has on children and teens. What is a common denominator in the lives of the vast majority of troubled youth? The absence of a father or the lack of his involvement.

Moms who make an impact

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. We hope that you have/had a good relationship with your mom, but we know that is not true for everyone. And of course, no mom on the planet is a perfect mom. But every mom makes an impact on her children and has the opportunity to make that impact positive and godly. So whether you had one of the best moms in the world, or your relationship with your mom is/was "complicated," we think it is good and right to have a special day honoring moms.

Answering Tough Questions

How would you react and how would you advise your teen if (s)he came home with this news? “At my school 50% of the girls say they are lesbian or identify as boys.” Or this: “A guy came to school today wearing heels, a dress, and make up. I decided out of respect, I should talk to this student using feminine pronouns. He told me, ‘I am not a girl. Just because I am dressed like a girl, doesn’t mean I am one. I am still male and want you to use male pronouns.’”

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