The Daniel Initiative
Just Imagine

Imagine a state where pastors know the governor, lieutenant governor, and their state representative and state senator by name, and those same people know at least two or three godly, Bible-believing pastors by name.

Imagine a state where pastors show up on a regular basis in the state capitol to meet with and pray with legislators. Not to talk politics. Not to get into policy. Not to push an agenda. Just to have spiritual impact on that elected official, regardless of what letter is after his/her name.

Imagine if every legislator knew at least one praying pastor they could turn to when they need a friend, when life throws a loss or change at them that they don’t know how to handle. Imagine.

Imagine a state where every elected official knows more than one godly, Bible-believing pastor who will pray with and for that official when difficult legislative choices are confronted. Imagine if all our elected officials knew at least one pastor like that they could turn to for prayer and counsel. Imagine.

Imagine a state where every godly, Bible-believing pastor views the Capitol, with all of its elected officials and staffers, as a mission field. A mission field to be prayed for on a regular basis. A mission field to which the pastor intentionally, and at least once annually, takes a short-term missions trip.

Imagine the spiritual impact pastors might have on legislators by developing authentic, redemptive, evangelistic relationships with them. Imagine pastors having a burden to reach the unbeliever who serves as a legislator with no other motivation than the simple, compelling reality that that person is a lost sheep who needs the Shepherd. Imagine.

Imagine a state where godly, Bible-believing pastors meet regularly with the mayor and his/her own city representative to pray with them, encourage them, and as opportunity permits, share the gospel with them. Imagine. Imagine a state where all the godly Bible-believing pastors have that kind of burden to reach those who serve in elected positions with the good news that Jesus saves. Imagine pastors helping their elected officials understand that whether they realize it or not, in serving as authorities, they serve as ministers of God and will give account to Him for how they use their authority. Imagine.

Imagine being part of an initiative that works at turning this imagining into reality. We call it The Daniel Initiative, because every Nebuchadnezzar needs a Daniel. Every Pharaoh needs a Moses or a Joseph. Every David needs a Nathan. Every Agrippa needs a Paul. Every authority needs a spiritual authority in his/her life that intentionally seeks to establish a redemptive relationship with that authority. That is what The Daniel Initiative in Wisconsin is all about. Turning this imagination, this dream, into reality.

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