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WI Family Council Calls for Election Day of Prayer
  Today is Election Day 2020. We know you have likely been reminded of that and of the importance of your vote multiple times by now. Please know, those of
Last Call for Election 2018
2018 | Week of October 29 | #1279 Election 2018 will be history very soon. All the TV and radio ads, all the campaign literature, all the phone calls and
Honoring God in Election 2018
2018 | Week of October 22 | #1278 Are you prepared to honor God in the November 6 election? Maybe you’ve never thought about an election from that perspective. If
Election 2018: What's at Stake?
2018 | Week of October 15 | #1277 With the midterm election now just three weeks away, it’s time to think about what’s at stake. In my opinion, the liberal
Consequences, Very Real Consequences
2018 | Week of October 8 | #1276 Frequently I’m asked, “How do bad laws get passed seemingly so easily, even in places where one wouldn’t necessarily think that would

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