Playing with Legos is something I (Dave Skahen) love doing with my kids. Imagine dis-assembling a fully completed Lego model and re-assembling it. You don’t need any instructions to dis-assemble it. My 3-year-old could do that. Re-assembling is different. Everything needs to go where it’s supposed to go. It requires knowing where pieces fit. It involves thought, knowledge, skill, and instructions. Similarly, this is what is taking place in the deconstruction movement. While someone falling away from the faith is nothing new (Genesis 3; Matthew 13:20-21; 2 Timothy 4:10), the term "deconstruction" is new and has gained steam in the last few years. Deconstruction has become synonymous with re-examining the Christian worldview WITHOUT using Scripture as the authority. The Bible is seen as a tool of oppression to be rejected, not a standard of truth to be affirmed. Instead, the ultimate authority is the self.

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