Be a Church Liaison


WHY should you be a church liaison? God has called us to be a citizen of both heaven and of earth.  As Christians we have a duty to be good stewards of everything we do.  As Christians in America we can be good stewards of our government by honoring God through voting, praying for elected leaders, and speaking up for Godly values when needed. Church liaisons can appropriately help pastors and churches, as well as individual church members, honor God especially in this election cycle.

What does a church liaison do? Conduct voter registration awareness, encourage people to pledge to vote ( volunteer to drive people to the polls, volunteer to be a witness for those voting by mail, call church directory to help people plan how they will vote (absentee by mail, early voting in person, In-person day of election) and getting out the vote the day of election.


  • Lead a Voter Registration Awareness Drive on September 20 or October 4 and/or October 11. (These drives cannot be done after October 11 per state election law regarding online registration.)
  • Call through church directory to assist others in how they plan to vote (absentee by mail, early voting, day of election).
  • Call through church directory to get out the vote
  • Distribute commit to vote cards to all church members.
  • Distribute any printed voter information publication to church members.
  • Distribute any get-out-the-vote materials WFC supplies.

Why are church liaisons important? Your work as a church liaison is an essential ministry at this time.  By honoring God with your own vote and by helping others do the same, you are bringing glory to God and assisting Wisconsin Family Council as we seek to encourage Christians to be good stewards of both their heavenly and earthly citizenships.

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