Baldwin & Pocan Are Offending Me

Baldwin & Pocan Are Offending Me

2015 | Week of October 5 | #1118

This commentary will likely get me in trouble. If it does, then so be it. I’m telling the truth, and I’m going to be as gracious as I can in doing so.

Wisconsin has the distinction of having two openly homosexual members of Congress. Democrat Tammy Baldwin, elected to the US Senate in 2012, is an open lesbian, the first “gay” member of that body.  Democrat Representative Mark Pocan is the other openly homosexual Wisconsin delegate, having been elected in 2012 to the US House of Representatives, taking the seat formerly held by Tammy Baldwin.

Neither of these elected officials is a quiet homosexual. Both have been and continue to be thoroughly devoted to using their political positions to aggressively advance the homosexual agenda.

For instance, Senator Baldwin earlier this year championed a change in the policy regarding the nation’s blood supply. She convinced 75 of her fellow Member of Congress to join her in pushing the FDA to change its decades’-old policy regarding who can give blood.[1] Baldwin wants to allow homosexual men who have been abstinent for one year the opportunity to give blood. Why? Because she doesn’t think it’s fair that homosexual men are discriminated against.[2]

Just a few days ago, Baldwin and Pocan teamed up to push their agenda to normalize and mainstream their deviant lifestyle. These two have introduced a bill in their respective chambers that increases funding for HIV/AIDS clinics.  Baldwin and Pocan want to make sure these clinics, including the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin or ARCW, are eligible to receive the same Medicaid reimbursement rates as Federally Qualified Health Centers.[3]

According to the president and CEO of ARCW, “Senator Baldwin and Representative Pocan’s leadership is truly commendable.” Well, I’m sure he does think that since he and his organization will receive more of your tax dollars for their work, which includes such things as clean needles (because homosexual behavior seems to go hand in hand with drug use) and contraceptive device distribution, in addition to diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDs.

I want to clearly lay out that I am not insensitive to anyone who is ill, but the truth about HIV/AIDs must be told. It is still very much a “gay man’s disease.” [4] Wisconsin numbers bear that out. According to the Department of Health Services data, last year, 91% of the new HIV cases were in homosexual men.[5] That’s staggering. That means the individuals involved have a great deal to do with whether or not they contract this still deadly disease. And yet, according to ARCW, the number of patients that come to them has increased 74% since 2001.

All this clearly indicates that the number of men engaging in homosexual behavior is on the rise. And of course that stands to reason as more and more people, especially young people, have come to believe that homosexuality is normal, natural, and without harm. People should be able to love, including physical intimacy, anyone they choose without tragic results, right? The medical reality just does not support that claim. As humans we can make our choices, but we cannot choose the consequences. HIV/AIDs is one of those consequences we can’t or at least should not ignore.

We know caring for people with HIV/AIDs is incredibly costly because of the nature of the disease. I’m just not sure we often realize who is paying for much of the costs related to this illness.  If Baldwin and Pocan have their way, “we the people” will be paying for even more of these costs.

With homosexuality so publicly affirmed, even championed, in our state and nation, I am sure this commentary will offend some but probably no more than I am offended by what Sen. Baldwin and Rep. Pocan are doing. The difference is they’ll be hailed as heroes. Today being offended is a one-way street—and I’m apparently going down the wrong way. But if this commentary saves even one person from acquiring HIV/AIDs, whatever is said about me will be worth it.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”





[5], p. 14. Accessed October 5, 2015.


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