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2018 | Week of May 7 | #1254 When she stretched out full-length standing on her tip-toes, my mom was almost five feet tall.  She always lamented that she had a belt-buckle view of the world—and eyed with a certain envy those of us who saw considerably above belt buckles. When I was two years old, knowing I was adopted, a pediatrician told Mom, “You’d better be ready for this one and have her under control quickly, because she’s going...

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Home Front 05-02-2018

Posted on May 2, 2018 in HomeFront

2018 | Wednesday, May 2 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine discusses a lawsuit brought against the state by two transgenders, the Boy Scouts’ name change, and National Day of...

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Home Front 04-25-2018

Posted on Apr 25, 2018 in HomeFront

2018 | Wednesday, April 25 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine takes a fairly in-depth look at the pro-homosexual, pro-transgender Day of Silence, which will take place in public schools across WI and the nation this...

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2018 | Week of April 23 | #1252 Today’s big question: how can the church equip parents to lead well and do more by being spiritual leaders at home? A recent article in the Baptist Bible Tribune deals with this very important question. In fact the entire edition of this magazine was given to God’s plan for family.  Since no specific author is noted on the article entitled “Partnering with Parents,” I can’t give any person accolades for...

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Home Front 04-18-2018

Posted on Apr 18, 2018 in HomeFront, News

2018 | Wednesday, April 18 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine looks at some ways former First Lady Barbara Bush was remarkable and also discusses how courts are being used to deny children the truth about their biological...

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2018 | Week of April 16 | #1251 Are you starved for some good news? In the midst of ongoing allegations of scandals, US missile strikes in Syria, disturbing election outcomes in our state, uncertainty in many areas, a stock market swinging on a pendulum, income tax time and who knows what else, I know I am ready for some good news. So today’s commentary is devoted to only good news. First good news truth: God is still God. Elohim, El...

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