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Home Front, 10-25-2017

Posted on Oct 25, 2017 in HomeFront

2017 | Wednesday, October 25 | Listen Online Today Julaine gives the good news that Choose Life WI license plates are available, provides an update on the Heal Without Harm bills, and alerts citizens in De Pere to an upcoming vote on an ordinance giving special rights and protections to...

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2017 | Week of October 23 | #1226 At 8:45 this past Monday morning I walked into the state’s main Department of Motor Vehicles customer service office in Madison on a mission—a long-dreamed of mission. As instructed I stopped at the first desk and when asked why I was there, replied, “I’m applying for a new specialty license plate.” “What plate would that be?” queried the customer service rep.  “The Choose Life plate,” I responded,...

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Home Front 10-18-2017

Posted on Oct 18, 2017 in HomeFront

2017| Wednesday, October 18 | Listen Online Julaine delivers some really good news today about the Choose Life Wisconsin license plate being available very soon. She also gives updates on a couple of important bills working their way through the state...

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2017 | Week of October 16 | #1225 I love October. But that love wanes with the onslaught of grown men in full football pads and uniforms playing a man’s game on a big field while wearing pink wristbands, hats, gloves, shoes and more. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very sure the football players and other athletes who participate in this annual push by the Susan G Komen Foundation are sincere in their support for finding a cure for breast...

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Home Front 10-11-2017

Posted on Oct 11, 2017 in HomeFront

2017 | Wednesday, October 11 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine discusses US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recently issued religious freedom guidelines for the federal government, and also highlights two pro-life bills, the Heal Without Harm Initiative, and urges citizens to call their elected officials regarding these...

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2017 | Week of October 9 | #1224 Seven months after two bills were given to State Senate President Republican Roger Roth, they are now finally formally introduced. Senate rules stipulate that the Senate President is to “promptly” introduce bills given to him from senate authors. Introduction includes getting a bill number and a committee assignment, the first major steps in the legislative process. For at least 3 bills, all of which...

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