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Home Front 02-21-2018

Posted on Feb 21, 2018 in HomeFront

2018 | Wednesday, February 21 | Listen Online Julaine gives a wrap-up of yesterday’s primary election and a look ahead to the upcoming general election where Judge Screnock faces off with Judge Dallet.  She also summarizes some of the work the legislature did on the floor yesterday and gives important information on two pro-life bills that are...

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2018 | Week of February 19 | #1243 A long-time friend and former employee of Wisconsin Family Council earlier this month wrote an op ed for the Lexington Herald Leader. Thanks to a mutual friend who sent me the link, I was able to enjoy Richard Nelson’s most excellent article, “When Did Abstinence Become a Dirty Word?”[1] Richard Nelson is now in Kentucky, where he is the Executive Director of The Commonwealth Policy Center. Nelson’s...

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Home Front 02-14-2018

Posted on Feb 14, 2018 in HomeFront

2018| Wednesday, February 14 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine gives information on the February 20th Spring Primary Election and also on pro-life bills the state legislature is dealing with in the final weeks of the...

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201 8| Week of February 12 | #1242 How would you react and how would you advise your teen if he or she came home with this news? “At my school 50% of the girls say they are lesbian or identify as boys.” Or how about this: “A guy came to school today wearing heels, a dress, and make up. I decided out of respect, I should talk to this student using feminine pronouns. He told me, ‘I am not a girl. Just because I am dressed like a girl,...

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Home Front 02-07-2018

Posted on Feb 7, 2018 in HomeFront

2018 | Wednesday, February 7 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine announces some new dates and places for “Punching Holes in the Darkness” events, gives important information on a WFC Voter Information Publication for the upcoming Supreme Court primary on February 20, and discusses the latest Republican leadership maneuverings on two pro-life...

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2018 | Week of February 5 | #1241 It’s 2018, which means it’s a big election year in Wisconsin—and it starts in just two weeks. On Tuesday, February 20, we have a primary election to settle who will be on the ballot for the spring general election on Tuesday, April 3. Our spring elections include races for mayors, city councils, village and town boards, county boards, school boards, and sometimes state-level offices. This year, we...

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Home Front 01-31-2018

Posted on Jan 31, 2018 in HomeFront, News

2018 | Wednesday, January 31 | Listen Online Today Julaine gives important information on Wisconsin’s 2018 elections, with a special focus on the February 20th Spring Nonpartisan Primary.  She takes a closer look at the 3 candidates who will be on February 20 ballot for the statewide WI Supreme Court...

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